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TKY 508 - Writing for Choir and Orchestra

Course Objectives

• To gain information about choral writing and orchestral accompaniment
• To gain information about the characters and capacities of different human voices.
• To gain the ability to write music with orchestral or choral accompaniment or solo.
• To gain the ability to add new works to orchestral and choral repertoire using contemporary writing techniques
• To gain competence of accompanied and/or non-accompanied choral repertoire

Course Description

Conventional score writing techniques, writing for choir, writing instrumental or vocal accompaniment, exercices with different orchestral combinations, stylistic characters, melodic writing and accompaniment techniques, sophisticated voicings. Conceptualistic composition techniques, contemporary writing exercices for choirs in different sizes, exercices with different orchestral combinations, sophisticated voicings like double chords, impressive endings and arrangements.

Course Coordinator
Oğuzhan Balcı
Course Language
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