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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Yapıt Çözümlemeleri
English Analysis Of Art Works
Course Code
STR 506 Credit Lecture
Semester 2
3 - - -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Deniz Çalışır Pençe
Course Objectives 1. To teach certain methods used for art work analysis,
2. To show how to analyze works of art by using these methods,
3. To study the works analyzed with different methods.
Course Description In this course, certain types of theoretical analysis in art history are taught, students define and discuss the relation between art history and other methods which belong to psychology, semiotic and sociology etc.
Course Outcomes Students who successfully pass this course gain the following knowledge, skills and competencies;
1. To learn different methods necessary for art work analysis,
2. To analyze and comment on art works by using different methods,
3. To study works analyzed by methods of various disciplines,
4. To be able to decide which method is the best for their academic studies.
Required Facilities
Other References BUTOR, M. (1999) San Marco’nun Betimi, İstanbul: Yapı Kredi Yay.
D’ALLEVA, A. (2009) Methods and Theories of Art History, Laurence King Publishers
ECO, U. (2001) Açık Yapıt, İstanbul: Can Yay.
FERNIE; E. (1995) Art History and Its Methods, Phaidon Press,
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(Çev.E.Öz), Ankara: Dost Kitabevi.
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