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ISS 532E - Integrated Marketing Communic.

Course Objectives

1. The student taking this course will determine the role of the promotional mix in the development of strategic/ tactical marketing plans so as to understand how the marketing communication process influences consumer decision making.
2. To be at the forefront of the important IMC movement that looks forward to an integrated brand experience on the part of the customer.
3. To understand different tool marketing communication professionals in any market use.
4. To apply integrated marketing communication concepts to several business situations.
5. To produce creative work by developing their own marketing communications plans.

Course Description

In this course, the role of marketing communication in marketing management is stressed and local and international applications are overviewed. Various communication techniques from a consumer behaviour perspective are taught. Furthermore, decision making in marketing communication, creativity, campaign design and budgeting as well as communication effectiveness measurement methods are covered. Additionally this course helps to develop an understanding of the role of advertising and promotion within the context of a balance of theoretical and practical perspectives through the integration of various concepts/theories and practical applications.

Course Coordinator
Ayşe Banu Elmadağ Baş
Course Language
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