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IKT 526 - Economic Integration and European Union

Course Objectives

Economic blocs become increasingly important in the discussion on globalization, especially in a period where the economic crises are argued to result from integration among countries with diverse structural problems. In this context the aims of the course are as follows:
1. To evaluate and discuss economic and technical benefits of economic integrations
2. To evaluate the aims and effects of the common economic policies of the European Union as one of the two biggest economies of the world
3. To investigate the relationship of Turkey with EU, as this country realizes more than 50% of its trade with the Union

Course Description

Welfare effects of free trade, theory of economic integration as a second best (customs union), dynamic and static economic effects of customs unions and their calculation, European Union as an application of the integration theory, its institutions, its legal structure, its common policies, Turkey-EU relations.

Course Coordinator
Nedime Lerzan Özkale
Course Language
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