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MYL 506E - Music Performance Studies

Course Objectives

1. Whether or not performers themselves, students will be encouraged to reflect on the nature, definition, and importance of performance, both in exclusively musical contexts and in broader domains.
2. Students develop an understanding of musical performance through a study of the historically evolving forms of musical production and consumption.
3. Through the study of alternative performances of the same music prompts, students gain critical listening skills and and understanding of the decisions and variables involved in the performance of notated music.
4. Students will be able to be able to research and present essays in a standard musicological format.

Course Description

A conceptually based survey of music performance, in which the status of music as a ‘performing art’ is interrogated. The course explores themes in Historical Performance Practice, improvisation, psychology of performance, the status of performance in ‘art’ and ‘popular’ settings, performance in non-Western contexts, and the role played by technology.

Course Coordinator
Paul Alıster Whıtehead
Paul Alıster Whıtehead
Course Language
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