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ISS 555 - Strategic Internet Marketing

Course Objectives

Internet is becoming invisible by dominating every aspect of our lives. It is now a commodity. We cannot choose to be online or offline. Every one of us and every business need to be online. So, it is important to understand the dynamics in the online environment. Each week, we will cover a different aspect of the digital world. Especially we will cover the business models, strategies, tools and trends. We will particularly emphasize fundamental concepts rather than specific tactics. The main goal will be to help students understand and evaluate online business models and digital marketing methods. There will be guest speakers from entrepreneurs, investors and businesses. Upon completion of the course, students will have better understanding of the digital world to evaluate digital and ecommerce opportunities, and to market their own ventures.

Course Description

• E-commerce business models and E-commerce in Turkey
• E-marketing channels
• Inbound and outbound marketing
• Search engine marketing (SEM) and Search engine optimization (SEO)
• Digital advertising
• Social media, social networks, social contagion
• Customer data, analytics, metrics
• Conversion funnel
• Digital marketing strategies
• Business models, planning, finance, and investment processes
• Success and failure stories and case studies

Course Coordinator
Oğuzhan Aygören
Course Language
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