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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish English III
English Research Writing
Course Code
ING 201A Credit Lecture
Semester -
2 2 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Tımothy George Eastlake Davıs
Course Objectives 1. Improve students’ reading and writing skills as well as evaluating and
interpreting written information
2. Increase students’ technical vocabulary inventory
3. Create awareness of selecting reliable, scholarly sources
4. Enhance knowledge about a specific subject related to their field of study
5. Practice the application of the research process by conforming to the conventions
of academic life and adhering to the norms of research ethics
Course Description Writing a research paper of at least 1500 words comprising the following research
process: Choosing a topic of interest related to field of study, researching, source
selection, construction and defense of a thesis statement, critical thinking,
outlining, citing sources by conforming to the APA standards of writing,
organizing a “References” page
Course Outcomes Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:
1. Conduct extensive library and internet research to select suitable, relevant and
reliable sources of scholarly nature related to the topic they have chosen, develop
an argument and construct an argumentative thesis statement.
2. Identify different kinds of sources and logically organize findings from a variety
of sources in the form of an outline.
3. Document source information by correctly applying APA style citations and
4. Locate, evaluate, interpret, and synthesize source information for the defense of
the thesis.
5. Perform extensive note taking with the correct application of paraphrases,
summaries and quotations.
6. Draw personal conclusions, make deductions and form comments based on the
research findings.
7. Prepare an argumentative research paper of at least 1500 words, in APA style.
8. Adhere to the norms of research ethics.
Pre-requisite(s) ING 101 veya ING 102 ya da ING 112/ING 112A dersilerini en az DD harf notu
ile geçmek.
Passing either ING 101 or ING 102 or ING 112/ING 112A courses with a minimum
of DD letter grade.
Required Facilities
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