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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 1 Creating an ITU library account and getting pin, academic source types, information
literacy, open sources vs databases
2 Doing online and offline research at ITU Library, narrowing down a topic from general to
specific using filtering tools; academic integrity, plagiarism, APA Citation Style
3 Writing thesis statements/outlines for academic papers. Different approaches to organizing papers (Descriptive vs analytical)
4 Reference List – APA formatting of References vs APA formatting of in-text citation
5 From Reference List to Annotated Bibliography
6 Preparing annotated bibliography

7 Presenting annotated Bibliography
8 Focus on academic writing style
9 Writing body paragraphs for academic papers
10 Writing body paragraphs for academic papers
11 Writing introduction & conclusion paragraphs for academic papers
12 Oral presentation delivery techniques
13 Final Paper submission and Oral presentations
14 Student Oral Presentations of Synthesis Essay
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