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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 the founding myth of cinema, or the “train effect”
2 Modernity and the city film: Berlin
3 ? To define auteurism ? To understand the French New Wave in the context of technological innovation, generational conflicts, and aesthetic concerns ? To advance a coherent reading of a film based on the depiction of urban spaces and the characters’ movement through the city
4 ? To understand the definitions of film noir ? To position film noir in the urban post-Second World War context of the United States
5 Discussion for three important genres of city films that follow in historical sequence, each associated with a particular city.
7 To understand the history of Hong Kong in relationship to China and Great Britain
To situate the development of the Hong Kong film industry in that history
8 To understand the two different traditions and functions of the trope of the ruin
To describe rubble films and engage with the moral, historical, and political questions they raise
9 ? To be able to analyze the modernist vision of design and urban planning in early science fiction ? To account for the shifts of the portrait of the city in films that imagine the future throughout the twentieth century
10 Discussion for the socio-historical themes of urban studies and creative industries over the portrayal of war-torn and divided cities.
11 ? To gain insight into sociologically and historically based definitions of racial ghettos ? To comprehend the different ways in which studios and independent filmmakers capture the urban ghetto and enclave on film
12 ? To understand the changing relationship of sexuality and the city
? To conceive of sexuality as intersecting with race, class, and gender mapped onto
the city
13 ? Understand the dynamics of globalization
? Comprehend the changes of cities in the context of globalization, particularly in regard
to global networks and the changing meaning of topography
? Examine the characteristics of funding, production, distributions, themes, and
narratives in transnational cinema
? Be aware of thematic clusters of transnational cinema, such as migration, illegal labor,
sex traffic, transnational love stories
14 Discussion for the question of identity and place in a global world, moving from the portrayal of ghettos and barrios to the city with the representation of the global city in transnational cinematic practices.
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