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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 01- Introduction & Fast Reminders for Fundamentals of Control and Stability
02- Bode Diagrams, Log-Magnitude versus-Phase. Stability Analysis.
03- Lead Compensation. Lag Compensation. Lag-Lead Compensation and Generalized Lag-Lead Compensation
04- Control Design with Root-Locus Method. Preliminary Design Considerations
05- Relative Stability, Closed Loop Frequency Response of Unity-Feedback Systems
06- Niquist Diagrams I
07- Tutorial 1
08- Niquist Stability Criterion, Niquist based Control Design
09- Phase and Gain Margin for Bode and Nyquist (comparatively)
10- State-Space Modeling and Control I (Controllability and Observability)
11- State-Space Modeling and Control II(Controllable and Observable Canonical Forms)
12- Tutorial 2
13- Control System Design I (State Feedback, Pole Placement)
14- Control System Design II (Ackerman Formula and Control Design)
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