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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Ürün Tasarımında Kültür ve İletişim
English Cult.and Com.in Product Design
Course Code
EUT 423E Credit Lecture
Semester 7
2 4 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Şebnem Timur
Course Objectives 1. Introducing the theories on language, culture, communication and meaning
2. Improving the abilities of criticism and analysis
3. Introducing and examining the object and subject centered approaches in
understanding design.
4. Literacy on artifacts in the context of meaning
Course Description Ürün Introduction to communication, meaning and representation in design, history and aims, Analizi,Anlambilimsel Ürün eskiz çalışması,Anlambilim ve Reklam
Linguistics and semiotics as the basics for product centered approaches, Denotation,
connotation, signifier, signified and sign, Index, icon and symbol, Basic concepts in subject
centered design, Semiotic Advertising Analysis, Consumer Culture and System of Objects,
Introduction to Product Semantics, Meaning of products in the context of life and genesis,
Meaning of products in the context of artifact ecologies, Emotion, experience and design,
Product Analysis, Semantic Sketching, Product Semantics and Advertising
Course Outcomes Student, who passed the course satisfactorily can:
1. Have knowledge on the basics of communication, cultural representation and meaning.
2. Conduct research on a specific product or advertisement using language centered approaches (Semiotics and product semantics), analyze, write a report and present.
3. Make a comparative research using object and subject-centered research tools
4. Have a critical view in professional and intellectual sense
Required Facilities
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