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SBP 205E - Evaluat.of Statis.Data in Dsgn

Course Objectives

1. sayısal bilginin günlük kullanımını öğrenmek,
2. İstatsiksel yöntemlerin sayısal yorumunu geliştirmek
3. İstatissel yyöntemlerin temelini öğretmek
4. komplex verinin sunumunu ve görselleştirmesini öğretmek

Course Description

Having knowledge in statistics for practioners in the field of urban and regional planning is a necessity. Statistics is a broad field that covers techniques for understanding a wide range of issues that may be encountered in investiating the real world around us. The use of statistical tools is becoming more important as new technologies and means of collecting data are scientific should be used with care and caution. In this course we will be covering the basic techniques in interpreting data.

Course Coordinator
Hüseyin Murat Çelik
Burak Belli
Mehmet Ronael
Course Language
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