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MIM 461 - Environmental Design for the Disabled and Elderly

Course Objectives

1.To learn the suitable architecture and urban design in the built environment for
the disabled and elderly
2.To pay attention to the social circumstances for the social integration of the
disabled and elderly
3.To help obtaining the modern standarts for a developed urban physical
environment for the disabled and elderly
4.To gain a design philosophy which supports to minimize the risks in daily life
5.To give the design principles of the vehicles, aids, materials, equipments and
furnitures that make the life easier

Course Description

Basic knowledge on disability and elderly people; social, psychological and
demographic situation; the kinds of disability, accessories, equipments and
building elements for the disabled and elderly; building and home design for
the disabled and elderly; contempoarary standarts; new standards and design
creteria of the urban environment for the disabled and elderly.

Course Coordinator
Göksenin İnalhan
Göksenin İnalhan
Course Language
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