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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Proje III
English Project III
Course Code
TES 211E Credit Lecture
Semester 3
5 2 6 -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Ervin Garip
Course Objectives The Project III course provides the student with the ability to read,
write, speak and listen effectively, ability to gather, assess, record,
apply and comparatively evaluate relevant information within the
coursework and design processes. Critical thinking - conceptualizing -
interpreting - problem definition and problem solving are the main
stages of the studio.
The main objective of the course is enabling the students to perceive,
investigate, interpret, and analyze human - space - object (product) -
environment relationships in the context of Nature and Culture, to
gain creative problem solving skills and to gain the expertise in using
the fundamental terminology of the profession. Students can develop
design alternatives in relation with the natural, cultural and
conceptual context and by taking into consideration the structural,
material, construction parameters related to the scale of design
through this course.
Course Description TES 211E, which is conducted in 22 CRN groups in five undergraduate programs, is structured with one term project (2 or 3), or as a preliminary design project - key project (2 term projects). Based on the design processes as the common course content, research, analysis, and design project, it consents that there are differences in the number of juries (indicated here as Project Presentation) and term projects with their intermediate percentage in total mid-term grade.
TES 211E Project III course consists of activities (common modules) organized by groups such as seminars, design workshops, and competitions. In the Common Module, which is evaluated as 10% in the course success criteria, the participation of students in these activities, their presentation, and their ability to transfer the skills they have acquired in these activities to the term project are evaluated.
Course Outcomes Studio is a production space where all students learn from each other
through discussions and presentations. The work produced will be
shared and discussed in order to discover critical qualities related to the
problem at hand. Students will develop their work based on studio
critiques through home works which in turn will be discussed in the next
studio hour. Students are responsible to discover the best means to
communicate their ideas using drawings and models.
Pre-requisite(s) TES 121E MIN DD
veya/or TES 121 MIN DD
veya/or EUT 124E MIN DD
veya/or SBP 112 MIN DD
veya/or SBP 112E MIN DD
veya/or MIM 112 MIN DD
veya/or MIM 112E MIN DD
veya/or MIM 116 MIN DD
veya/or MIM 116E MIN DD
Required Facilities -
Other -
Textbook -
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