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ENT 462E - Visual Merchandising and Retail Design

Course Objectives

1. Describe what is Visual Merchandising and how to use design in retail projects
2. Informing about the dynamics of Retailing which has a great importance to design retail spaces.
3. Describe the evolution of retail design around the world and in Turkey
4. İnforming about basic design knowledge and skills about visual merchandising

Course Description

The meaning of “Visual Merchandising” and visual merchandising in retail design, Costumer shopping psychology and physiology, The use 5 senses, Basics of visual merchandising, Importance of first impression and perception, Geometry usage, Meanings of colors and functional usage, Lighting and material usage’s meanings for retail spaces, Creativity and functionality for Shop Windows and mannequin dressing, Merchandising systems for display units, Creating traffic in the retail space, Relation between brand and visual merchandising Changing retail trends and their effects on visual merchandising

Course Coordinator
Ekrem Cem Alppay
Course Language
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