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ENT 230E - Parametric Solid Modeling and Design

Course Objectives

1.Gaining knowledge and experience about computer aided solid modeling processes and applications
2.Gain knowledge and experience about parametric design approaches
3.Gain knowledge and experience of multidisciplinary, analytical and layered approaches to product design
4.Gaining the ability to develop designs in digital environment with part and assembly approaches
5.To gain the ability to use production analysis and animations in the design process

Course Description

The concept of computer aided solid modeling, the concept and principles of parametric design and modeling, parts and assembly relations, the role of feature manager design trees in the design process, the design of non-complex products, the design and modeling of complex products, the concept of assembly and various assembly approaches, plastics material-centered design and analysis, sheet metal-centered design and modeling, motion anlaysis and animation, photo-realistic visualization

Course Coordinator
Ekrem Cem Alppay
Course Language
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