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MIM 211 - Architectural Design III

Course Objectives

Gaining the skills of collaborative work in multi-disciplinary teams together with other shareholders in planning and design process and understanding the effects of other disciplines on own planning and design studies
2. Gaining planning and design experience from large to small scale in holistic and sustainable interdisciplinary areas;
3. Developing and increasing conceptual and critical skills of students in holistic and sustainable areas related to basic concepts and issues through theoretical analysis;
4. Developing a solution for planning and design problem logically and intuitively;
5. Understanding the data related to nature and culture, understanding the relationships of urban-building-space, human-space, building brief, converting and transforming the urban obejcts and experience into space organization and design
6. Increasing design skills of students by considering the relationships among settlement, transportation, social/technical infrastructure, urban space, environment, building, interior space, urban object/product.

Course Description

Holistic and sustainable planning and design process; theoretical research and analysis basic issues and concepts in design process; Data analysis of natural, physical, socio-cultural and economical structures; Relationships among planning, design and user; Relationships of function-texture-form-structure-materials-structural system-technolgy;Relationships of identity-meaning-concept-form; Strategies-Techniques-Process-Methods of Planning and Design

Course Coordinator
Cemile Tiftik
Course Language
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