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EUT 272E - Human Factors inProduct Design

Course Objectives

1. To transfer data about user differences to the design process
2. To provide the ability of thinking and analyze the products as man-machine systems
3. To provide the ability to use data collection methods about users in a product design project
4. To provide the ability to design products by considering natural skills and limitations of users

Course Description

The concept of system and types of systems. Human dimensions and the concept of anthropometry and its applications in design. Biomechanical skills, physical work ergonomics. Basic principles in hand tool design. Foot and the ergonomics and dynamics of walking and running. Physical environmental conditions. Design for disabled users. Information ergonomics and information processing. Controls and displays. The concept of interface and arrangement of product interfaces. Human computer interaction.

Course Coordinator
Ekrem Cem Alppay
Course Language
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