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MIM 392 - Content of Architecture

Course Objectives

To emphasize the relation of architecture and other creations of human mind as a whole

Awakening and motivating the future minds by means of surrealistic realities,

Producing models, experimental short films and performances like a whole manifest of life, which will encourage them to feel themselves ready to enlarge both intellectual and constructive fields of art, architecture and life.

Course Description

Taking architecture as the main subject in between the relations of all human related
happenings, To be aware of the wholeness of all the productions of life and construct new relations between unrelated ideas, things and subjects, To provoke the future minds to use their potentials for enlarging the areas of architecture, life and society, To produce models, short films, experimental manifests or performances with given unexpected subjects and formats, Awakening and motivating them by means of surrealistic realities to provoke a manifestal unity.

Course Coordinator
Gülçin Pulat Gökmen
Course Language
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