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SBP 103E - Role of Prof.in Sustainability

Course Objectives

Integrating the concept of sustainability policy from regional scale to human scale with production, consumption and recycling processes in settlements, architecture and interior spaces; in this context, emphasizing the concept as a socio-economic and cultural element/principle and giving priority to be addressed in design and planning processes; and improving the awareness of sustainability with conceptual, practical information, relevant cases and participants; strengthening the capacity of students to integrate diverse social, environmental and economic conditions with sustainable design alternatives by encouraging their own innovative ways.

Course Description

1. Sustainability in the context of spatial planning,
2. Global urbanization dynamics (urbanization in developing countries and developed countries), reasons of urbanization, sustainability at the urban scale and the role of Green Urbanism,
3. Landscape characteristics and their relations with sustainable development,
4. Improving the efficiency of spatial planning tools for the integration of sustainability,
5. Comprehensive understanding of building systems including investigation of integrated design approaches and technologies that are required to construct environmentally responsive architecture,
6. Investigation of cultural drivers requiring natural and environmental conscious building systems to be developed within the complex social and political context of architectural (design) practice.
7. Production-consumption-recycle dynamics, ecology and deep ecology concepts, integration of design and planning objectives with natural and cultural values, open-ended design,
8. Concepts of sustainability and ecology, sustainable design and assessment in the scale of interior space, recycle and reuse.
9. The role and use of industrial design for social innovation and sustainability,

Course Coordinator
Azime Tezer
Cemile Tiftik
Gülşen Aytaç
Elif Küçüksayraç
Course Language
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