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SBP 232E - The City in History

Course Objectives

Studying the history of cities from the earliest civilizations and learning the cultural, historical, political, social and economic factors that effect the formation of the cities, will be a guide for the planning of the cities in future.

Course Description

The early cities and the earliest civilizations; Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Anatolian, Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Central American, Peruvian. Emergence of Greek civilization. Greek urbanism. Roman urban planning. Roman imperial urbanism. Medieval towns; effects of religion and revival of commerce, Feudalism, Medieval industry. Elements of the Medieval towns. Medieval Islamic cities. The roots of Islamic culture and seülements. Renaissance urbanism. Effects of the Industrial revolution. Ideal towns and worker towns. Planned Industrial Towns. The Garden City movement Urban USA and American experience. Evolution of Modern era and the roots of Modern concepts. Defınition of Post-Modernism, Post-Modern urbanism. Lookinq into the future.

Course Coordinator
Ayşe Sema Kubat
Course Language
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