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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Proje VII (Kentsel Tasarım Projesi)
English Project VII (Urban Design Project)
Course Code
SBP 411 Credit Lecture
Semester -
4 - 8 -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Hasan Serdar Kaya
Course Objectives The aim of the study is to;
• Maintain the harmony of public, economic and spatial interaction between study areas and the inclusive system of the city of Istanbul,
• Putting forward alternative spatial proposals for the solution of defined problems,
• And presenting those proposals in forms of technical reports, graphical expressions and three dimensional products.
Course Description The city walls and close environments in the Historical Peninsula have been selected as study area. The city walls are western boundary of Historical core. These walls separate historical and new urban pattern. Some vegetable gardens are located along the walls. The area has rich land use and urban pattern, socio-economical variety. On the other hand this area has several problems needed to be solved. City walls are also very important urban design component with the features of boundary and separator. The gates of the city walls define alternative project areas which connecting two urban pattern on the two sides of walls. Because of such characteristics, these areas need qualified urban design projects. It is expected to produce urban design projects to solve existing urban design problems and emphasize these features in the area immediate surroundings.
Course Outcomes 1- Determining Aims and Objectives
1.1 Literature review folder including the evaluation of publication, research and projects on the determined subjects
2- Research and Examination Studies on Project Site
2.1 Physical, social, economic, geographic and historic data
3- Evaluation and Syntheses
3.1. Evaluation of relation with surroundings 1/5000
3.2. Syntheses and evaluation of areal data 1/2000–1/1000
4- Site Assignment, Terms of Use and Design Project
4.1. Urban Design Project (1/1000-1/500)
4.2. Model (1/1000 or 1/500)
4.3. 3-D Models
Required Facilities
Other References
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