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EUT 325E - History of Design II

Course Objectives

To teach students the fundamental theoretical and historiographical topics of design, from the fifties of the twentieth century to the present day.
To enable students to use methodological tools and develop their analytical and critical capacities, so that they can grasp the bonds that link works of design with their respective social, economic and cultural backdrop, identifying the influences between various different creative disciplines.
To develop their analytical and critical abilities, focusing on their search for their own design language.

Course Description

Social Impacts of WWII: Production Consumption Balance; Reconstruction After WWII: England and USA; Reconstruction After WWII: Germany and Italy; Reconstruction After WWII: Russia and Japan; Design and Corporate Culture; Mass Culture and its Critic; Dimensions of Mass Culture: Mass Design, Pop and Protest, Graphic and Underground, Anti-Design; New Technologies, New Materials and their Impact on Design in a Historical Perspective; Radical Approaches: Technology, Security and Environment; Politics, Pluralism and Postmodernism in Design; Digital World and New Approaches in Product Design; New Dimensions in the Relationship of Design and Craft; Paths to 21st Century: Reform and Social Responsibility.

Course Coordinator
Gülname Turan
Course Language
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