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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 Introduction, Purists from the 19th Century (Shakers), Remembering Bauhaus, Social Impacts of WWII: Production Consumption Balance
2 Reconstruction After WWII: USA and the Emergence of Industrial Design as a Profession, Art Deco
3 Reconstruction After WWII: Italy
4 Reconstruction After WWII: Germany
5 Dimensions of Mass Culture: Mass Design, Pop and Protest, Graphic and Underground, Anti-Design
6 Midterm Exam & Class
7 Reconstruction After WWII: Japan
8 Reconstruction After WWII: Finland
9 Politics, Pluralism, Authority and Postmodernism in Design: Film Show
10 Digital World and New Approaches in Product Design
11 New Dimensions in the Relationship of Design and Craft
12 film show
13 Design in the beginning of the 21st Century
14 Design and Information, Reflections of Product Semantics in Design History
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