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GEO 311E - Geodetic Infrastracture and Networks

Course Objectives

The aim of this course is to provide the students to gain the ability of planning,
measuring, establishing, and calculating global, regional, local, and particular
Students will also be equipped with the use of the knowledge about
1. Design a geodetic network or densification network according to realistic
criteria and geographical features
2. Setting up the relations between the reference coordinate systems used in
national networks
3. Complete the establishment stages of national triangulation, leveling, and
gravitational network
4. The use of satellite and space techniques in national networks
The use of any information about the Turkish National Triangulation, leveling and
gravitational network ((TUD-54, TUDKA-99, TTGA-99, TUTGA-99, TUSAGAAktive)

Course Description

In this course, geodetic datum, geodetic reference networks: global, local, and
national networks, National Basic Geodetic networks: triangulation, leveling and
gravitational network concepts with the creating the national networks using
classical terrestrial and space techniques, horizontal control network: design,
establishment, measurement, adjustment using classical methods, densification of
horizontal control networks, particular densification applications (resection etc.),
vertical datum, triangulation network, vertical control network: design,
establishment, measurement, adjustment, and densification of vertical control
networks are focused. Subjects such as Turkish gravitational network: features,
measurements, and adjustment, ED-50, WGS-84, definition and transformation of
ITRF systems and datum, TUD-54, TUDKA-99, TTGA-99 and GNSS networks,
TUTGA-99, TUSAGA-Active and their functions in practice are the other subjects
of the course.

Course Coordinator
Rahmi Nurhan Çelik
Course Language
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