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CEV 221E - Microbiology

Course Objectives

Transfer of fundamental knowledge on;
1. microbial existence and survival,
2. phenotype and phylogeny,
3. microbial growth and its control,
and transfer of applied knowledge for;
4. direct hands on (students) run of experimental measurement/analysis of basic microbiology applications

Course Description

After an introduction to microbiology, the course offers fundamentals of the following topics with an emphasis on prokaryotes and microscopic eukaryotes: Overview of the 3 domains of life: Bacteria, Archaea, Eukarya; prokaryotic cell structures and functions; causes and effects of phenotype and phylogeny; microbial growth and its control; water borne diseases as an example of common-source infectious diseases.

Course Coordinator
Ebru Dülekgürgen
Course Language
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