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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 1 Introduction, Characterization of Wastewaters and Sludges
2 Microbial Processes
3 Stoichiometry of Microbial Growth
4 Kinetics of Microbial Growth
5 Activated Sludge Systems without Recycle
6 Determination of Kinetic and Stoichiometric Coefficients
7 Activated Sludge Systems with Recycle
8 Design of Activated Sludge Systems for Carbon Removal
9 Nitrogen and Phosphorus in Wastewaters, Midterm Exam
10 Nutrient Removing Activated Sludge Systems-Nitrification
11 Nutrient Removing Activated Sludge Systems-Nitrogen Removal
12 Nutrient Removing Activated Sludge Systems-Phosphorus Removal
13 Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment
14 Anaerobic and Aerobic Sludge Digestion
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