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GEO 303 - Cadastre / Kadastro

Course Objectives

In this course students will gain ability for professional responsibility in the cadastral work, duties and understand the jurisdictions, cadastral and related legislation requirements and to know the historical development, the effects of legal practices of the land registry in the country. It is aimed that students will conduct and acquire knowledge and skills on technical and legal transactions and activities relating to the cadastral law necessary to conduct the business life.

Course Description

Cadastral concept. Cadastre-human relations and the importance of cadastre. Cadastre in the world and Turkey. The definition of judicial and technical activities for the realization of the first cadastre regarding to cadastral legal framework. Cadastral issues, maintaining and renewing. Examining the concept of Multipurpose Cadastre and parcel-based land information system design and the development process.

Course Coordinator
Tahsin Yomralıoğlu
Course Language
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