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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 Introduction, and general information about the land management and cadastral
2 Aspects of land ownership, land tenure, land management, the concept of real
property, cadastre for real estate property management.
3 Basic information about the cadastre concept, the purpose and importance of the
cadastre, the historical development of the cadastre. Cadastre in the world.
4 Cadastral activities in Turkey. The definition of Cadastre, benefits, laws and
5 The scope of cadastral legislation and implementation regulations. Administrative
structure of LRCGD
6 Initiation of cadastral works, identification of the necessary process of determining
the cadastral work area.
7 Technical processes in the cadastre. Land parcel demarcation, identify and control tasks.
8 Midterm Exam
9 Legal proceedings relating to the land ownership of property in cadastre. Formation
of the land title deeds.
10 Finalization of cadastral works.
11 Maintaining of the Cadastre, updating of cadastral task. Turkish LIS project.
12 Renewing in Cadastral by the Law article 3402/22, No. 5304 laws and regulations
13 Overview of modern cadastral systems. Cadastre 2014. Cadastral information
14 GIS-Cadastre relationship. Land Information System Overview
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