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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Environmental Microbiology
English Environmental Microbiology
Course Code
CEV 203E Credit Lecture
Semester -
- 3 - 2
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Süleyman Övez
Süleyman Övez
Course Objectives 1.To define the importance of the microorganisms
2.To increase the interest to environmental microbiology
3.To give fundamental knowledge of microbiology to construct a basis for the following courses
4.To give the microbial dimension of environmental engineering problems and their solutions
5.To give the ability to conduct experiments in environmental microbiology applications
Course Description Microbial diversity. Description and characteristics of bacteria, archaea, protozoa, algae, fungi, viruses. Carbon and energy flow in microorganisms (glycolysis, Krebs cycle, electron transport system). Aerobic and anaerobic respiration and photosynthesis. Enzymes and their functions. Microorganisms important for environmental engineering: Microbiology of water, wastewater and biological treatment systems. Settling properties of activated sludge; problems and solutions. Microbial bioremediation.
Course Outcomes Students completing this course will gain the skills of;
I.recognition of species and taxonomical groups of microorganisms,
II.recognition and distinction of microbial metabolic groups,
III.identification of microbial aspects of environmental problems and solutions,
IV.application of experimental methods relevant to environmental microbiology field
Pre-requisite(s) -
Required Facilities -
Textbook 1.Madigan M.T., Martinko J.M., Dunlap P.V. and Clark D.P. (2009). “Brock Biology of Microorganisms”, 12th edn., Pearson Education Inc., Glenview IL, USA, ISBN: 978-0321-53615-0. [Mustafa İnan Merkez Kütüphane: QR41.2 .B76 2009 / Mustafa İnan Main Library: QR41.2 .B76 2009]
2.Tortora G.J., Funke B.R., Case C (2007). “Microbiology, an introduction“, 9th edn., Pearson Benjamin Cummings, San Francisco, USA, ISBN: 0805347917. [Mustafa Inan Merkez Kütüphane: QR41.2 .T678 2007 / Mustafa Inan Main Library: QR41.2 .T678 2007]
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