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CEV 104E - Earth Science

Course Objectives

Earth Science is a general science course, designed to educate you on basic concepts in geology such as the formation of minerals and rocks, weathering, erosion and soil formation, volcanic processes and causes of earthquakes, timing and rate of geological processes, elements of the earth structure and plate motions. In addition, we aim to teach the general frames of hydrogeology, mass movements, engineering properties of rocks and soils, material geology, and environmental geology. In the end, you will get a piece of basic knowledge on one of the natural sciences and the key for a great and intellectual world of understanding the earth and its systems.

Course Description

Earth Science is an introductory survey of physical geology, historical geology, oceanography, meteorology, and astronomy. It relates the interaction of the earth sciences to the physical world.

Course Coordinator
Fatma Shaker Eldosouky
Fatma Shaker Eldosouky
Course Language
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