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DNK 201 - DNK201E Dynamics - CRN 11729

Course Objectives

Learning Objective : Be able to construct idealized (particle and rigid body) dynamical models and predict model response to applied forces using Newtonian mechanics. More specifically:
• Describe and predict the motion experienced by inertial and non-inertial observers
• Understand central force motion
• Understand the basic principles of 2D Rigid Body Motion
• Formulate the equations of Motion of 3D Rigid Bodies
• Understand the simple vibration analysis of a rigid body.

Course Description

Definitions and principal axioms. Kinematics of particiles. Linear, plane and general motions. Relative motion. Kinetics of particles. Newton’s laws. Impuls and momentum principle. Work and Energy. Motion with resistance. Central-force Motion systems of particles. Collision. Variablesmass. Kinematics of Rigid Bodies. Kinetics of Rigid Bodies. Work and Energy, Impulse and momentum. Fixed-Axis rotation of rigit body. Plane motion of rigid body. Vibration of rigid body . Relative motion.

Course Coordinator
Cemil Kurtcebe
Course Language
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