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CEV 304 - Unit Operations and Processes Laboratory

Course Objectives

1. To enable the students to better grasp the underlying principles as well as the operational aspects of the unit operations and processes of environmental engineering.
2. To provide a better understanding to the related design courses.
3. To improve the students’ abilities for analysis, evaluation and reporting by asking them to prepare detailed lab reports.

Course Description

The course covers the laboratory applications in fundamental engineering and environmental pollution control topics of treatment technologies used in Environmental Engineering. Within this context, the unit operations, chemical processes and biological processes related to the mentioned area will be taken as a basis for the experimental applications.

Course Coordinator
Seval Sözen
Ayşe Erbil
Derya Yüksel İmer
Ayşe Bilsen Baykal
Tuğba Ölmez Hancı
Çiğdem Gömeç
Ebru Dülekgürgen
Serdar Doğruel
İdil Arslan Alaton
Course Language
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