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INS 442 - Reinforced Concrete Foundations

Course Objectives

To provide the concepts for reinforced concrete foundations, To provide design information for civil engineering applications, To develop the students’ ability to use computers, participate in team jobs, do research and establish written and oral communication.

Course Description

Classification of foundations, Genaral view to the shallow foundations, Special cases in the single foundations, Socked foundations for prefabricated columns, Cantilever foundations, Circular foundation, One-way countinuos foundations, Rigid foundation, Beams on elastic foundations, Foundation supporting columns and wall (energy methods, numerical solution methods), Considering the effect of superstructures, The reduction of adverse effect on the superstructure due to differantial settlement at the noddle points of foundation, Two-way continuous foundations, Solution methods, Energy methods, Mat (Flat and Ribbed) foundations, Definitions, Solution methods, The solution of ribbed mat foundations by using tables based on Orthorhopic Plate Theory, Numerical solution methods for mat foundations, Deep foundations, Definitions, Pile foundations.

Course Coordinator
Tülay Aksu Özkul
Course Language
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