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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 Surveying, surveying types, chaining, azimuth, bearing
2 Electro-optic length measurement & reduction of measurements, errors in EDM
3 Tacheometry and electronic tacheometry
4 Field Work
5 Precision, Accuracy, The law of Error Propagation, Weights
6 Blunders in traverses, blunder detection, Error theory in Traversing
7 Vertical datum, height systems, leveling methods
8 Vertical control nets, design & measurements, Leveling, related definitions, differential leveling
9 Profile & Cross-section leveling, Surface levelling, area & volume computations
10 Errors & error theory in differential leveling
11 Levels, type of levels, errors of levels, laser and digital levels
12 Precise leveling, trigonometric leveling and application with different methods
13 Applications
14 GPS
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