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JDF 182 - Field Practice 1

Course Objectives

1. Constitution of a contour lined plan by using terrestrial observation methods and
coordinate, elevation and accuracy calculations based on BÖHHBÜY,
2. To teach how to compose the cost and feasibility analyses,
3. To teach and help to evaluate and understand the principles of team work and produce
jointly (roles and personal communications),
4. To provide the comprehension, preparation and presentation of a Project report by means of
style, content and expression by the students

Course Description

Representation of the contour map of the given study field of the ITU Campus area (5km2
) with
respect to endowed Project stages as a Project, based on the “Code of Production of Large Scale
Map and Map Information” (BÖHHBÜY).
First of all, the control and calibration of the surveying instruments will be carried out following
he completion of the reconnaissance and a sketch of the field. The selection of the locations for
he traverse points with respect to topographical features of the land and the project aim will be
ulfilled. Then, the coordinates and the elevations of those points will be determined via terrestrial
surveying techniques (angle, distance). Following this stage, the tacheometric
measurements will be completed to derive the required data to create a contour map. After the
control of the measurements, the office stage will begin.
The office works includes the traverse, leveling, tacheometry and area calculations, controls and
adjustments including the filling the related forms of calculations with the evaluations of the
The cost analyses will be completed with respect to related official institutions standards and the
ideas for the optimization of the project will be arisen by the students.
The project report will also be prepared and present

Course Coordinator
Nebiye Musaoğlu
Course Language
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