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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Digital Circuits
English Digital Circuits
Course Code
BLG 231E Credit Lecture
Semester -
3 3 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Feza Buzluca
Course Objectives This course is intended to provide a comprehensive understanding of the
fundamentals of digital logic circuits. Students should be able to analyze, and design combinational and sequential circuits.
Course Description Initial course in Boole algebra, combinational logic design, synchronous sequential circuit analysis and synthesis.
Course Outcomes 1. Ability to perform arithmetic operations on binary integers and to interpret the results.
2. Ability to manipulate and simplify logic expressions using the axioms and theorems of the Boolean algebra.
3. Ability to design logic functions using only universal gates (i.e. NAND and NOR).
4. Ability to find the prime implicants of logic functions using Karnaugh map and tabular (Quine-McCluskey) methods, and implement these functions with minimum cost.
5. Ability to design digital systems using MSI building blocks (Adders, multiplexers, decoders).
6. Knowing functional and timing (clocking) properties of basic memory units (latches and flip-flops).
7. Ability to analyze synchronous sequential circuits.
8. Ability to design synchronous sequential circuits.
9. Knowing the internal structure of basic CMOS circuits.
Pre-requisite(s) Read the file "Important Information" in Course resources directory.
Requirements of taking the final exam:
1. 70% course attendance
2. Weighted average of midterms and assignments must be at least 35/100.
Required Facilities
Other Grading:
Midterm Exam: 35%
Homework (Take-home exam): 25%
Final : 40%
To take the final exam
1. Minimum 70% course attendance is mandatory.
2. Weighted average of midterms and assignments must be at least 35/100.
Textbook John F. Wakerly, Digital Design: Principles and Practices, 5/e, Pearson, 2018
Other References M. Mano, M. Ciletti, Digital Design, 6/e, Pearson, 2018
Feza Buzluca, Lecture Notes
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