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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 Introduction: Characteristics of digital systems, Number systems, arithmetical operations with binary numbers
2 Fundamentals of Boolean Algebra
Axioms and theorems
3 Logic functions, representation, canonical and standard forms
4 Logic gates, Universal gates. Implementation of logic functions using only NAND (NOR) gates.
5 Timing diagrams, propagation delays, hazards, minimization of logic functions, essential/sufficient prime implicants, prime implicant chart
6 Incomplete functions, don't cares, general functions, prime implicants using Quine-McCluskey, ICs, half adder, full adder, subtraction, multiplexers
7 Demultiplexers, decoders, programmable logic devices (PLDs): PLAs, PALs, FPGAs, sequential circuits, FSM, memory units, T flip-flop.
8 Midterm Exam and recitation
9 Feedback connections, S-R latch, D latch, D flip-flop
10 J-K latch and flip-flop, characteristic equations, registers, clocked synch. sequential circuits, Mealy, Moore, analysis of seq. circuits
11 NO LECTURE (January 1, New Year's Day)
12 Role of the clock signal, Design of synchronous sequential circuits, using J-K FFs, using multiplexers
13 Counter design, internal structures of electronic digital circuits, BJT, TTL (logic levels, fanout)
14 CMOS: NOT, NAND, NOR, three-state buffer, three-state common bus, logic levels
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