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BLG 381E - Advanced Data Structures

Course Objectives

1. This course aims to introduce the structures and techniques which are necessary at advanced level courses of Computer Engineering education such as Data Base, Computer Networks, Artificial Intelligence.....
2. Ability to develop a program to solve a specific problem by using advanced data structures and interpret the obtained results
3. Ability to examine a given solution based on the techniques learned in the course and enhance it
4. Ability to understand and write in english since the course is given in English

Course Description

Introduction, Secondary Storage Devices, Asymptotic Analysis; Recurrences, classwork; Sorting, merge sort, heap sort; Dictionaries, hashing, classwork; Binary search trees, 2-3 trees, 2-3-4 trees, red and black trees; B-trees; Other balanced trees: AVL, Splay, Tries; Binomial heaps; Fibonacci heaps; Sorting Networks; String-matching algorithms

Course Coordinator
Zehra Çataltepe
Course Language
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