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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Computer Architecture
English Computer Architecture
Course Code
BLG 322 Credit Lecture
Semester 6
3 3 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Feza Buzluca
Course Objectives To teach basic techniques of pipelining.
To teach I/O subsystem including nested interrupts and DMA
To teach hierarchical memory subsystems including disk subsystem, processor caches, virtual memory, memory error correction.
To teach multiprocessing and concurrency concepts.
Course Description 1. Teaching basic techniques of pipelining.
2. Teaching RISC pipeline hazards and solutions
3. Teaching I/O subsystem including nested interrupts and DMA.
4. Teaching hierarchical memory subsystems including disk subsystem, processor caches, virtual memory, memory error correction
5. Teaching Multıprocessor Systems and their interconnectıon networks
Course Outcomes 1. Knowing improvements and problems in computer organization and architecture
2. Ability to design pipelines and to evaluate their performance.
3. Knowing RISC pipeline hazards and solution
4. Knowing Synchronous and Asynchronous Data Transfer, Handshaking
5. Knowing nested and prioritized interrupts and designing related systems
6. Knowing Direct Memory Access DMA
7. Knowing cache memory systems
8. Knowing RAID systems
9. Knowing Virtual memory systems
10. Knowing Multiprocessor Systems
Pre-requisite(s) BLG 222E Computer Organization
Required Facilities
Other Grading:
Midtermı: 40%
Assignments: 20%
Final : 40%
To be able to take the final exam:
1.70% attendance
2. Weighted average of midterms and assignments must be et least 35/100.

(0.20*assignments + 0.40* midterm)*100/60
Textbook 1. William Stallings, Computer Organization and Architecture, 10/e, Prentice Hall, 2016.

2. John L. Hennessy, David A. Patterson, Computer Architecture, A Quantitative Approach, 6/e, Morgan Kaufmann, 2017.
Other References Feza BUZLUCA, Lecture Notes
Motorola, MC68000 16-bit Microprocessor User's Manual.
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