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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Mikroişlemci Sistemleri
Course Code
BLG 212 Credit Lecture
Semester 5
3 3 - -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Ömer Usta
Course Objectives i. to understand data and data representation in computer.
ii. to idendify and outline the architecture of microprocessors.
iii to describe the principles of interfacing microprocessor.
iv. to explain the programming concepts for microprocessors.
v. to have a basic knowledge of the Intel 8088 and 8086.
Course Description Introduction to microprocessor-based systems. Digital representation and binary arithmetic. Logic elements and hardware devices. Memory and expansion of memories. CPU structure and operation. Input/Output and Direct Memory Access. The Intel 8086 and its structure. Addressing modes and instructions set. Subroutine, interrupt and stack structure. Data transfer. The assembly and directives. Design of a microprocessor-based system. Peripheral devices.
Course Outcomes At the end of the course students should be able to
-have basic kowlege of data representation in computer.
-identify the structure of microprocessor-based systems.
-idendify the structure of assembly programming.
-write microprocessor programs for power systems applications.
-analyse and understand digital desing using microprocessors.
-have ability to use computer based system for power applications.
Pre-requisite(s) Logic Circuit
Required Facilities Computer lab., i8086 emulator
Textbook E Adalı,"Mikroişlemciler Mikrobilgisayarlar, Birsen Yayınevi, 1997.
DE Heffer,’ Basic prenciples and Practice of Microprocessors’. E Arnold,1993. UK.
Other References BB Brey, ‘The Intel Microprocessors’. ISBN:0-13-180480-4 Prentice Hall.
“Getting Started Guide”, Microsoft Co.
“Environment And Tools”, Microsoft Co
“Reference Guide”, Microsoft Co.
“Programmers’ Guide”, Microsoft Co
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