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BLG 444E - Computer Graphics

Course Objectives

1. To familiarize students with fundamental stages of graphics rendering on modern graphics engines.
2. To enable students to use OpenGL library.
3. To enable students to design rigid body transformations on objects
4. To enable students to project scene onto screen from desired viewpoint
5. To enable students to interpolate object attributes in time or space
6. To enable students to simulate light reflectance off of surfaces

Course Description

Introduction (applications, realtime rendering pipeline, shaders, texture mapping), OpenGL and glut, linear and affine transforms, frames, drawing 3D with vertex and fragment shaders, vertex and indexed buffer objects, rigid body transformations (quaternions and arcball), scales and hierarchical transformation (scene graph), splines and keyframe animation, projection and depth, rasterization process, shades and shading

Course Coordinator
Uluğ Bayazıt
Course Language
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