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BLG 231 - Digital Circuits

Course Objectives

Initial course in Boole algebra, combinational logic design, synchronous sequential circuit analysis and synthesis.

Course Description

Characteristics of digital systems; Number systems, arithmetical operations with binary numbers; Fundamentals of Boolean Algebra; Logic functions, canonical and standard forms; Logic gates. Implementation of logic functions using only NAND (NOR) gates; Minimization of logic functions: Determining prime implicants using Karnaugh maps; Finding essential and sufficient prime implicants; Determining prime implicants using Tabular (Quine-McCluskey) method; Finding essential and sufficient prime implicants. MSI building blocks (Adders, multiplexers); Design of combinational logic circuits;Decoders, Programmable Logic devices (PAL, PLA); Latches and flip-flops; Analysis of synchronous sequential circuits; Design of synchronous sequential circuits; Electrical Behavior of logic circuits, TTL family; Characteristics of CMOS family

Course Coordinator
Taşdemir Aşan
Course Language
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