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KON 313E - Feedback Control Systems

Course Objectives

1. To train students to analyze and design continuous linear control systems.
2. To train students to use control engineering tools like root-locus, frequency response methods, and state space representations.
3. To provide experience in using software packages to solve control problems.
4. To provide practice for developing critical thinking skills and solving open-ended problems.

Course Description

Introduction to feedback control systems. Blok diagrams. Modeling dynamic systems. Criteria for transient response analysis and steady-state errors. Root-Locus plots. Root-Locus-based controller design. Frequency domain criteria. Nyquist diagram and Nyquist stability criterion. Bode diagrams. Closed-loop frequency response. Analysis and design of state space control systems. Introduction to digital control systems.

Course Coordinator
Farzad Hashemzadeh
Course Language
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