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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 1 Introduction to management and its components
2 The concept of organisation and types, process and principles
3 Organisations in ship and others in maritime and their interactions
4 Attitudes, values, individuality, personality and personality types

5 Perception, attribution and learning
6 Job satisfaction and organisational commitment, seafarers situation in the shipping companies
7 Motivation and its theories, motivation factors in maritime sector
8 Group/Team management; group/team forming, types and characteristics: case studies for ship organisations
9 Leadership, its approaches and case studies in the ship
10 Individual and organisational conflicts, negotiations; interpretations on social life in the ship
11 Organisational environment and technology: examples for ship organisations
12 Organisational culture and organisational communication; within organisation and among organisations, working with multi-national crew in the ship
13 Change, resistance to change and its management, organisation development
14 Stress and its management; burnout syndrome. Social responsibility and ethics. Situation in the ship and shipping company
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