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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 The importance, application and philosophy of Rock Mechanics in engineering works and its relations with other earth sciences. Description of rock masses.
Characterization of earth materials and the physical properties of natural and man made grounds.
Origin and distribution of stress in earth crusts and their measurement, theory of gravitation stresses.
Stress-strain behaviour of rock materials and failure criterions in rock mechanics.
Parameters and rock mass properties affecting mechanical behaviour.
Anisotropic properties and time dependent behaviour of rock.
Stability and safity of rock structures and rock foundations.
Strength and behaviour of intact and fractured rock.
Mechanical tests on rock specimens in laboratory
Mechanical tests on rock specimens in laboratory
In-situ tests on rock mechanics. MIDTERM EXAM
In-situ tests on rock mechanics.
Geo technical measurement and monitoring techniques in rock mechanics.
Examples for special rock mechanics application in Turkey.
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