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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
2 Introduction to Ship Motions and Control

Ship Motions (Dynamics) in a Seaway, Maneuvering and Development of Control Surfaces.
Theory of Water Waves

2-D Regular Waves, Wave Length, Wave Period, Celerity,

Group Velocity, Wave Power, Irregular Waves, Histogram, Probability Function of Sea, Energy Spectrum.

Ship Motions (Heaving, Pitching, Rolling etc.) in Regular Wave

Heaving Motion of Floating Buoy, Natural Period, Exciting Wave Force, Resonance,

Uncoupled and Coupled Heaving and Pitching Motion, Rolling Motion.

Ship Motions in Irregular Seaway

Encountary Period, Response Amplitude Operator,

Probabilty of Deck Wetness, Slamming.

Maneuvering and Controllabilty

Basics of Maneuverability, Full Scale Tests,

Equations of Motion, Hydrodynamics Derivatives,

Rudder Performance Analysis, Rudder Design
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