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DEN 447E - Engineering Optimisation

Course Objectives

Most of the engineering design problems can be formulated and solved as an optimisation problem.Therefore, an engineering student should be familiar with mathematical techniques to formulate and solve typical engineering design problems. The main goals of this course are:
1. Formulation of typical engineering design problems as an engineering design problem,
2. To introduce different optimisation techniques for the solution of a wide range of engineering design problems.

Course Description

General structure of engineering design problems, Basic principles and formulation of optimisation problems, Defining objective function and constraints, Univariant search methods, Unconstrained multivariant optimisation, Direct and indirect methods, Gradient and Newton type methods, Nonlinear programming with constraints, Quadratic programming, Linear programming, Simplex method, Penalty function and Lagrangian methods, Formulation of multiobjective optimisation problems, Formulation and solution of typical engineering problems using optimisation methods, Optimisation software.

Course Coordinator
Kadir Sarıöz
Course Language
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