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Course Name
Turkish Gemi ve Deniz Yapıları Hidrodinamiği
English Hydrodynamics of Ships and Offshore Structures
Course Code
DEN 411 Credit Lecture
Semester 7
3 3 - -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator İsmail Yalçın
Lütfullah Macit Sükan
Course Objectives 1. To provide an understanding of engineering fundamentals about the subject.
2. To calculate the environmental loads acting on ships and offshore-structures.
3. To gain the understanding of the ships and offshore-structures hydrodynamic design.
Course Description Wave, wind and current forces acting on ships and offshore structures. Wave theories. Morison Equation, added mass and damping. Rigid body motions of ships and floating offshore structures in regular and irregular waves. Calculation of ship motions with 3 DOF. Levis and Frank-close-fit methods. Roll stabilization, anti-rolling devices. Acceleration and forces due to ship motions. Frequency of encounter. Controlled motions of ships. Directional stability and response of ships to their rudders. Various maneuvering tests. Hydrofoils and rudder design.
Course Outcomes
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