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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 Weeks Topics
1 Introduction, Basic information about the off-shore structures
2 Environmental conditions (wind, current and waves) and loads related to them, design methods
3 Waves Theories, Boundary value problem and linear wave theory (Airy-Theory)
4 Particle velocities, accelerations, trajectories, wave pressure. Wave energy and group-velocity
5 Examples. Wind forces
6 Wave loads on off-shore structures, hydrodynamically transparent structures; added mass and . Morison Equation. Total force and moment calculations.
7 Empirical formulas of DnV, KC-Number, hydrodynamically compact structures and Diffraction Theory. Equations of the rigid body motions, Froude-Krylov force, the linearilization of the viscous damping
8 Some important properties of the wave pressure. Solution of the body motion equations. Surge motion
9 Heave motion and mid-term exam
10 Spectral description of the seaway; wave spectrums and their properties
11 RAO’s and their application together with the wave spectrums, some examples
12 Roll motion of a ship, roll trial, accelerations and loads due to the ship motions
13 Roll decreasing mechanisms, frequency of encounter, pitch motion. Ship maneuvering; rudders and their classification
14 Hydrofoils, forces acting on a rudder, rudder design
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